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Our Strategy and Business Model

We remain focused on our original vision for ITV as an owner, producer and broadcaster of content.

We are confident that our strategy to maximise our value as an integrated producer broadcaster, creating, owning and distributing content around the world, is the right long-term path for ITV.

Our strategy

Our strategy is focused on three key priorities:


maximise audience and revenue share from free-to-air broadcast and VOD business

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grow international content business

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build a global pay and distribution business

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Our sources of competitive advantage

The UK’s biggest marketing platform delivering unrivalled commercial audiences

The scale of our channels and the significant investment we make in quality content gives ITV unique scale and reach on our main channel and more targeted audiences on our family of channels and the ITV Hub.

Our channels reach around 80% of the TV-owning population each week

World-class content

At the core of ITV is our focus on creativity and content, whether selling unique content around the world or investing in third-party content to broadcast across multiple platforms. Internationally we have built production and distribution scale in key global creative markets through organic growth and selective acquisitions.

We invest over £1bn annually in content for our family of channels

Global distribution

ITV has built relationships globally, with major networks and local broadcasters, and owns the rights to a diverse portfolio of shows, particularly drama and entertainment, for international distribution.

Hours of television and film content

Our strategic assets

Our strategic assets underpin ITV’s competitive advantage

Creating and owning the rights to quality content

Our strong brand

Our talented, creative people

Our diversified revenue streams

By developing and retaining the rights to content, ITV is able to maximise the value of its programme brands across a range of revenues streams, making ITV a more balanced business and enabling it to drive value from different revenue models.

of our total revenue is from sources other than traditional spot TV advertising