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2015 Highlights

ITV delivered another strong performance in 2015 as we continued to strengthen, rebalance and grow the business.

Group external revenue £m


2009: 1,879; 2010:2,064; 2011: 2,140; 2012: 2,196; 2013: 2,389; 2014: 2,590; 2015: 2,972

+58% Increase on 2009

Coronation Street

Coronation Street was the most watched soap of 2015 with an average of eight million viewers over the year. It has been sold to 132 countries.

Investor Proposition

ITV continues to make significant progress in growing and strengthening the business creatively, commercially and financially.

increase in adjusted EPS since 2009
of total revenue is from sources other than spot advertising
of all commercial audiences over five million are on ITV
of total Studios revenues is from outside the UK

ITV at a Glance

ITV, as an integrated producer broadcaster, creates, owns and distributes high-quality content on multiple platforms.

ITV total revenue

ITV total revenue chart
  • Broadcast & Online £2,146m
  • ITV Studios £1,237m

ITV adjusted EBITA

ITV adjusted EBITA chart
  • Broadcast & Online £659m
  • ITV Studios £206m
Largest share of the UK TV market
share of viewing for the ITV Family in 2015
7,000+ hours
of original content produced
and delivered
in 2015
58 labels
in 10 different countries supplying over 90 channels

The market environment in which we operate is dynamic and constantly changing. Consolidation of media and telecoms companies and the increasing influence of technology brings both challenges and opportunities that we believe we are able to respond to with pace and confidence.

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Our Strategy and Business Model

We remain focused on our original vision for ITV as an owner, producer and broadcaster of content. We are confident that our strategy to maximise our value as an integrated producer broadcaster, creating, owning and distributing content around the world, is the right long-term path for ITV.

The UK's biggest marketing platform

Our channels reach around 80% of the TV-owning population each week


We invest over £1bn annually in content for our family of channels

Global distribution

hours of television and film content

Chairman's Statement

ITV is a remarkable place to work and employs remarkable people. It is thanks to their hard work that we have produced these results
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Chief Executive Review

In 2015 ITV delivered another strong performance as we continue to strengthen and grow the business.

Strategic Priorities

We remain focused on delivering against our three strategic priorities in the areas where we can achieve most growth.

Strategic Priority 1:

maximise audience and revenue share from free-to-air broadcast and VOD business

Strategic Priority 2:

grow international content business

Strategic Priority 3:

build a global pay and distribution business